Team of +35 devs

Working from Poland

PC/Console games

About Us

 Crazy Goat Games (or CCG for short) is an indie game studio based in Poland, dedicated to creating fun and unique takes on video games. With over 10 years of experience in making products for our clients, we’ve recently started developing games of our own, and we are here to stay.

 Our team – although small but steadily growing – is full of ambitious and like-minded individuals with crazy ideas and various skill sets, which results in bringing innovation and freshness to all our games.

 Working remotely from the cosy abodes of our homes from all across Poland, we aim to further hone our craft and grow our portfolio, hoping to bring cheer and entertainment to all sorts of players.

 We are not afraid of experimenting. From puzzle to turn-based strategy games, we constantly seek something new and exciting for players to look forward to.